How to Help

There are many ways you can make a difference.  

Here are some of the things you can do to help out.

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Help give a rescued dog a second chance for a good life. We can help match you up with the best dog for your situation or we can contact you when we find a dog in need that fits your preferences.

Foster Care

If you don't want to adopt a rescue dog, you can also choose to foster one.  You can foster a dog until he or she is adopted or foster it for a shorter time frame of your choice.

Dog Sponsorship

Another option you have to help is by sponsoring a dog.  All the money is spent on helping that dog.  The normal cost per month for each dog is $80.  To be a sponsor for a dog, we ask for $40 a month.  Partial sponsorships are available too.  Sponsored dogs can also be visited (and are encouraged) by the sponsor at set times.  

Life Fund

We have developed this new fund to help pay for emergency and non-routine vet bills. This fund will help us save the lives of many dogs.  Visit our Life Fund page for details.

Care Fund

If you donate money to our Care fund, you can help us take care of the initial fees involved to get a dog ready for adoption. With a $100 donation, you can pay for the sterilizing, shots, heartworm test, and Microchip for a dog.


Since we are a non-profit organization, we are always in need of donations.  By donating money, you can, if you wish, choose how the money is used.  We can always use various items, too.  Visit our Donation List for details.


By supporting our affiliates on our Other Ways to Help! page, you are creating donations for our rescue by the companies themselves.  Please support our affiliates!


We are always looking for dog lovers to make a difference.  There is a variety of ways to volunteer your time.  We need people to help take care of the dogs, train the dogs, socialize the dogs, clean kennels, volunteer at our meet and greets, bath dogs, and many more ways.


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